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Getting Started

Medical Transcription System

With our easy-to-use, web-based system, you can log into your account using any type of Internet connection (cable, DSL, T1, etc).  There is no software to install. Our online platform is simply the best system to send/retrieve transcripts. It is advanced and easy to use. Just ask our very satisfied clients!


Our unique call-in system offers toll-free and local calling 24 hours a day. You will use your assigned pin number to access the system.

Call-in Transcription Guide
Clients are assigned a call-in number when set up on the platform as well as a username and password (password can be changed to physician's choice).   Below is the basic keypad menu.

Menu Key Options
1-Go to beginning (play from the start)
2-Start recording
3-Forward to End
6-Fast Forward
9-Job Number
0-Job Number/New File

To End Session, Hang Up.

Once our system receives completion of the audio file, it is processed by our servers and sent to the website for the transcriptionists to pick up. Once the transcriptionists transcribe the documents, they upload the completed dictation to your site using their own user names and passwords. Once they have uploaded the document, the document disappears from their transcription areas. A User Guide is sent to each client when the dictation is set up on the platform. This guide will assist clients in maneuvering through the process of retrieving dictation, batch downloading, viewing line counts and, if necessary, listening to the physician’s audio files. Clients can make changes to their documents right on the site and print directly from the site or save to their local hard drives.

For clients using digital handheld recorders, we have support services available to help you to remotely set up the Olympus software and map your software directly so the audio files are saved in a Dictation Folder. Once that is accomplished, you will go to your website using your user name and password, click the Upload Tab and the process will guide you through step by step. It only takes a few minutes to gets hours of dictation to the website for transcription. The process of retrieving will be outlined in your User Guide.

Your documents are available to you at any time.  We have unlimited data storage and can bring back any document you are needing.

We have 24/7 Technical Support available for your questions and convenience.

Handheld Digital Recorders

ASFD recommends the Olympus recorders for the ease and storage of audio files, but may use any recorder that is adaptable to the platform and can be discussed when the decision to call in or use  recorders is made.  ASFD  can provide recorders to you at a discounted cost and lower shipping costs, or you may purchase them from Dictation Store or any Olympus site of your choice.