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Our Platform

Our medical transcriptions platformis a complex combination of software and hardware. There is a web server in the center; it has virtually no limits when it comes to the amount of traffic, space and users it can handle. We have email, database, FTP and storage servers linked to our web server 24/7; and there are multiple telephony servers for phone-in dictations. In addition, we have a backup location where all of the information is transmitted each night.

Security Measures. Most our servers are Linux based. In addition to having standard protection features such as firewalls, anti-virus and scheduled system upgrades, we enforce several other security measures. For example, our Apache and PHP are always running in the safe mode. In addition to firewalls, our code can also distinguish different types of hacker attacks and defend our systems against them. Our email servers have the same password rules and regulations as web servers. Finally, our database is backed up on a daily basis on two different sites; one is a data center and the other one is kept in a privately-held location. We will maintain a permanent backup for all your transcription work as long as you are our customer at no charge.

Locations of Our Servers. All of our servers are located in the nationally recognized data centers. When old data is purged out of system, it is first backed up on external hard drives and then put into a safe deposit box in the bank.

No Anonymous Access. Only registered users can use our solution. Every screen which asks a user to enter a user ID or password is a SSL web page, protected by security certificate.

Password Guidelines. We have password guidelines which we recommend to our users. Our system enforces password protection as well; such as making sure that there are no duplications of user IDs and passwords, and making sure that the password does not contain repetitive characters, while limiting the number of characters in length.

Logging Functionality. We use logging very extensively. We track and keep logs of user actions, document downloads, faxing, emailing, electronic signature, etc. Most of these logs are stored in the main database, while records of the table holding the log cannot be purged out, altered, deleted or archived.

Digital Faxing and Dial-In Dictations. We only use digital faxing and digital dial-in dictations. In both cases we utilize 800 numbers to keep faxing and dial-in dictations free for our customers. Here is why we use only digital technology:
- Secured connection
- Always on (24/7/365)
- Instant activation and easy maintenance
- Any number of simultaneous connections at the same time
- Unlimited amount of incoming/outgoing traffic
- Highest possible quality

Platform features:
- Unlimited number of clients, speakers and associated files
- Toll-free faxing - inbound and outbound
- Toll-free 800 number dictations with customizable dialplan
- Automatic upload/download of audio/documents via SFTP, FTP SSL, SCH or Web site
- Automatic download of patient information from EMR via HL7
- Automatic upload of documents into EMR via HL7
- Automatic calculations of net, gross and normalized lines
- Automatic client/vendor invoicing
- Support for templates
- Support for electronic signatures
- Data is stored indefinitely
- Bulk downloading, uploading and printing via web site
- Windows-based plugin to upload audio and download docs
- No downtimes or scheduled maintenance all components work 24/7/365

See screenshot of our workflow by clicking here.