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Audit & Security Features

All communication between your computer and our server is protected through the use of 128-bit encryption certificate. This means that no one can "listen in" on the conversation between those computers.  All passwords are stored using a one-way hash and a random salt value.  When users authenticate themselves on the web portal, the passwords entered are hashed as well and only hashes are compared, thus increasing user password security.

We are extremely concerned regarding the privacy of medical records. We adhere to all HIPAA and AAMT guidelines and recommendations. All files and transmissions are encrypted and password-protected. All subcontractors sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Every printed document that contains client/patient information is shredded and properly disposed of immediately after use.

We recognize the importance of the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). The information that you entrust to us for transcription is very sensitive material. We are completely aware of the gravity of keeping that information secure, and we have taken every procedure possible to ensure its safety and security. We understand our responsibility in protecting client and patient information.

Your transcription documents are completely safe and secure. Only you (and those you share your user name and password with) will have access to them.


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