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Additional Services

We have been offering various telephony services since 2011. Here is the list:

- Service Appointment & Prescription Reminders reminds patients about their appointments (prescriptions).
- Service Health & Emergency Alerts dials out to any number of people and broadcasts your audio message to them.
- Service Various Notifications tells a patient his/her lab results or pre/postoperative instructions.
- Service Collections is for debt collection calls, with the ability to transfer debtor to a live operator.
- Service Surveys is a questions/answers call with the ability to leave comments in audio form.

Appointment Reminders is an enormously popular service. It provides appointment reminders and confirmations. The dial-out time is noted into the system, which then calls all specified patients instantaneously, notifying each patient the appointment date, time, place, (in addition to the nature of appointment, profession to be seen, etc.). A cancellation, postponement and confirmation of appointment option is available with a simple push of a button on the patient's phone. All results of the call campaign are recorded in a highly detailed report, which is then available for retrieval on our website immediately.

How does it work?

- We will install a simple Windows-based program into your computer.
- Our program has an ability to import data from most EMR or patient scheduling systems.
- Importing patient names and phone numbers is a matter of a click of a mouse.
- Click button "Call Receivers" and within the next few minutes our system will make all phone calls.
- Click button "Check Statuses" to see which patients confirmed and/or cancelled appointment.
That is all! See screenshot here.

Solution Highlights

- Outbound calls could be made immediately or scheduled in advance
- No limits on number of simultaneous inbound and/or outbound calls
- Compatibility with the majority of EMR/PMS systems
- Instant activation; 24/7/365 availability
- Highest audio quality - the most naturally sounding voices
- Both Male/Female and American/Spanish voice options
- Ability to play pre-recorded messages
- Ability to change dial plans (dialing scripts) at any time
- Ability to send email and SMS (text) in addition to calling
- Pre-built dial plans covering over 90% of all possible situations
- Simple to use web interface with the optional application access
- Extensive reports generating data in real time
- Simple and quick set-up; no equipment needed
- Secured access to data; no anonymous access is allowed
- No hidden costs, no start-up fees and no long term commitments

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